Using Zoom on Clear Touch display in your classroom

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Please use the following instructions to use the Clear Touch display, and its onboard PC, in your classroom to host your class over Zoom.

For a video introduction, please review this following instructional video.


On your laptop

  1. Join the Zoom meeting for your class as you normally would
  2. Mute your laptop microphone in Zoom and turn your volume off

On the Clear Touch

  1. Turn on the Clear Touch display using the power button on the bottom-right of the screen
  2. If you do not see the Windows boot screen, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to switch to the PC input
  3. Once Windows has booted, please use the physical keyboard in your classroom to sign in using your NCSSM username and password
  4. Open Chrome from desktop and navigate to or click on the profile icon in Chrome and sign in
  5. Log in using your NCSSM email address and password
  6. Open Zoom from desktop and click Sign in with Google
  7. Select your NCSSM account when prompted
  8. Use one of the following methods of joining your class’ Zoom session:
    1. In Zoom, select the Meetings tab, select your meeting on the left, and click the Start button
    2. Launch Zoom meeting from the Zoom tab in your Canvas course
    3. You may also launch your Zoom meeting directly from
  9. Once you begin the Zoom meeting on the Clear Touch display:
    1. Click the Join With Computer Audio button
    2. Turn on the camera if it is not already tuned on
  10. Make Zoom full screen on the Clear Touch