Taking attendance in Blackbaud SIS

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Faculty only: Please use the following instructions to take attendance in the Blackbaud SIS (courtesy Ryan Donaldson).

Instructional Video


Q: How do I take attendance?

  1. Login to Blackbaud SIS at https://ncssm.myschoolapp.com/. On your home schedule page (Faculty persona > My Day > Schedule & Performance) you will see your classes for the day.
  2. Click the Take Attendance button next to the class you wish to take attendance for.
  3. A student roster list will populate and auto default everyone as "Attended Class". If everyone is present, you simply click Save and Close in the bottom left corner. If a student is Absent or Tardy, please click the drop down arrow next to that student and select the appropriate option. You may also type in notes in the text box to the right if you wish. Finally, click Save and Close once all changes are made.
  4. You will now notice the "Take Attendance" button has now changed to a green "View Attendance" button and if any Absences or Tardies were recorded there will be a red box with a number to indicate how many attendance events were recorded. Example: If I had 3 absences, a red box with a 3 will now appear next to the "View Attendance" button.
  • If your class is canceled for the day, please click on the Take Attendance button, then click the box marked Class Canceled at the top of the roster page and click Save and Close.

Shortcut for Attendance (Only if all students are present)

  1. Login to Blackbaud. On your home schedule page you will see your classes for the day.
  2. Next to the "Take Attendance" tab for your particular course, you will see a small drop down arrow (between Take Attendance and 0) for you to select "All Present".

Q: Why is there another absence code showing on my roster when I go to take attendance?

  • Ryan Donaldson and the NCSSM Clinic can now enter absence coding in advance. Example) A student was medically excused for the whole day beginning at 8:00 am. You have the student in your 3:00 pm class and when you go to mark this student as absent, you will notice that they are already coded as "Medically Excused". Please do not overwrite any coding that is already showing up UNLESS the student is present in class. If the student is in class, you may change the student to "attended class".