Restore missing Google data using Backupify

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Backupify is a solution by which NCSSM automatically backs up all student, faculty, and staff data from Google, including email, calendars, contacts, data in Drive, and Sites. Please use the following instructions to access Backupify and restore any missing Google data to your NCSSM account.

Instructions for restoring data

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  1. Navigate to Backupify by going directly to or by selecting Backupify from your Google App launcher

  2. When prompted to log in, select Log in using Google.

  3. Optional: If you are not already logged into Google using your NCSSM account and are prompted to sign into Google, log in using your full NCSSM email address (for example,, and click Next. Then type your password and click Sign in

  4. Once logged into Backupify, you will see tabs for each type of data in your Google account, such as Mail, Drive, Calendar, and Contacts. You will also see when the last backup of your account data took place, when the next backup will take place, the number of items in the latest backup, and a History button, from which you can see all of the backups for your NCSSM Google account.

  5. Click on the tab for the type of data you would like to recover. In this example, we are going to use Mail.

  6. Clicking the Restore icon now would restore all of your email from Backupify back to your Google account, in the event that you accidentally deleted all of it. More likely, however, you will want to only restore a single message or a small subset of messages. Click on the checkbox next to the emails you would like to restore and then click Restore

  7. Be sure to select Selected Items and then click Restore

  8. Your selected data will be restored to your NCSSM Google account. You should receive a confirmation email telling you that the restore was successful.

  9. Also, you will find that restored email messages will be labelled (Backupify Restore).

  10. Repeat the above steps for any other data you need to restore, including data from Drive, Calendar, and Contacts.

For more information about Backupify and to answer any questions you might have, please refer to the Backupify Knowledge Base.