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Welcome to NCSSM!

The purpose of this page is to prepare new NCSSM community members, including students, families, and employees, to use the various information systems used at NCSSM.

Accounts and Roles at NCSSM

Please review the following information based on your role at NCSSM:

  • Students: You have been issued an NCSSM account, which should look something like your last name, the number 22, and your first initial. For example, Katie Smith would be Smith22K. This NCSSM account is also your email address, so would be your email address. This is your official email address and the only one to which the school will send correspondence.
  • Families: Each parent/guardian will also be issued an NCSSM account, which should look similar to the student account except that it will end in .f1 or .f2. So, the family accounts in this example would be Smith22K.f1 and Smith22K.f2. Likewise your NCSSM email address would be and The school will send all official correspondence to this email address. You can also set up forwarding to a personal email address.
  • Employees: Your account username will be <first name>.<last name> with your email address being the same as your username and "". For example,

Note: You have been issued a temporary password with your NCSSM account. You will need to change your password before accessing your NCSSM email account, Blackbaud SIS (Student Information System) for forms, and more.

Parents and Students

Instructional video for parents and students

Click here for the instructional video for password reset, email access, SIS login, and required forms.

Set your NCSSM account password

  1. You will have received your NCSSM account username and a temporary password.
    1. Students: This information will be visible to you in UniApp.
    2. Families: Your family will receive an email to the email addresses listed in UniApp. This emails will contain your NCSSM account usernames and a temporary password.

  2. In your web browser of choice, navigate to:
  3. Type in your NCSSM username and the temporary password supplied by ITS and click Sign in. Note: If you don't remember your username or password, then you'll need to contact ITS to get it reset.
  4. If logging into this password management site for the first time, you will be asked to answer several security questions so that you can reset the password yourself in the future using the Forgotten Password button.
  5. At the home page, please click on the tile that says Change Password (see below)
  6. For the New Password, type in the same password that you would like to use, with a minimum length of 10 characters. For Confirm Password, type the same thing.
  7. Click the Change Password button to save your password.

For more information for NCSSM account and password management, please review the following detailed instructions:

Sign into NCSSM email

NCSSM uses Gmail for email, so if you already have a Gmail account, you will feel right at home. If you are new to Gmail, we recommend this getting started guide.

  1. To log into your NCSSM email account, in your web browser of choice, navigate to
  2. Enter your full NCSSM email address, such as, and click Next.
  3. On first login, you may see the following prompt. Click Accept on Google's Terms and Conditions.
  4. You should see a "Welcome" screen.

  5. Click Next and then OK.
  6. You are now signed in and ready to use your new NCSSM email account.

Sign into Blackbaud SIS

  1. To log into Blackbaud SIS, in your web browser of choice, navigate to
  2. Enter your full NCSSM email address, such as, and click Next.

  3. On first login, you may see the following prompts. Please click Continue, select the correct NCSSM account from the list, and close the Welcome screen.

  4. You should arrive at the Resources page in the Blackbaud SIS.

Accessing Contracts and Forms in Blackbaud SIS

In order to access required contracts and forms, log in to Blackbaud using your NCSSM email and credentials at


  1. Assigned Contracts and Forms can be accessed by clicking on your name in the top right corner of Blackbaud and selecting Files & Forms or by clicking on the Contract to Accept/Forms to Review notification in the Yellow Notification Banner.

  2. From this screen you can view the status of all assigned forms and contracts for your student(s). Forms that have not been started will have a green “Review” button next to it, while forms that have been started, but not completed will have an orange “Continue” button. In order to view any forms you have already completed, you can click on the green “Print“ button to view a PDF copy of the completed and submitted form.

  3. The first item to complete is the Intent to Enroll Contract. This contract is assigned to the Parent to complete and sign, though all material must be reviewed with the student. Click Review to start the Intent to Enroll Contract.
  4. Before you are allowed to complete the contract you must agree to the eSignature Agreement that will pop up the first time you review the contract. Make sure to review this agreement carefully and click Agree to start the contract.

  5. At the top of the contract you will see each section that must be completed, as well as your current section highlighted in blue:

  6. The first section requires you to verify your intent to enroll the listed student at NCSSM. Sign with your initials to acknowledge that you have read and understand the statement. Click Next to continue to the next section.

  7. Each section of the Contract requires that you sign with your initials for authorization and/or acknowledgement that you have read and understand the policies included. ALL sections of the contract must be initialed and signed to complete and submit the contract. As noted in the eSignature Agreement, if you wish to object or revoke authorization for any section of the contract, you must contact the registrar. At that point you will be assigned an additional form to complete for Contract Authorization Conflicts.

  8. After you complete all sections of the contract you will once more sign your agreement before reviewing and submitting the completed contract.


  1. After completing the contract you may return to “Files and Forms” and continue working on your assigned forms. Forms differ from the contract in that you must provide additional information via various text fields, dropdown menus and checkboxes. All forms must be completed by May 18th, 2020.

  2. Students will also need to login and complete the student forms assigned to them.

  3. Some forms, such as the Athletics Permissions and Security Deposit Transfer Plan, require signatures from both the student and the parent. If the student completes and signs the form it will still be marked with an orange “Continue” button until the parents also reviews and signs it from their account, at which point the form will be marked as complete.

Medical Form Uploads (Residential Only)

  • The medical forms upload procedure is only for families and students in the Residential program, not the Online program.
  • In order to upload the Medical Forms provided in the Contract and the Medical Information Form, please refer to the Medical Forms Upload Instructions.
  • Due to COVID-19 we realize there may be difficulty in having your medical packet and physical completed by your child’s physician, as a result we will keep the Medical Forms Upload process open through the end of July so that you may have additional time to meet with your physicians during this time. All Forms in Blackbaud should still be completed by May 18, 2020, it is just the upload process extended through July. Additionally you may upload your child’s most recent physical if you are unable to schedule an appointment for a new physical this year.
  • For varsity athletics, a physical less than a year old for the entire sports season must be submitted to the NCSSM clinic before tryouts or participation can occur. Athletic physicals can be updated in the NCSSM Clinic for $10 once arriving back on campus.

Additional Assistance

For additional questions and technical assistance relating to the Blackbaud Forms, please contact

If you run into any problems with your NCSSM account or accessing Blackbaud SIS to fill out forms, please let ITS know.

Tech requirements and laptop specs

Please review the following recommendations for hardware specifications for laptops for new students at NCSSM:

If you have any additional questions regarding laptop requirements and recommendations, please send ITS a ticket.