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== Featured ==
== Featured ==
=== [[Classroom Technology]]: ===
=== [[Classroom Technology]]: ===
* [[Clear Touch displays]], [[AirTame]], [[Zoom]], [[Google Meet]], [[Audio-Visual Help (Projectors and Sound)|Other AV help]]
* [[Clear Touch displays]]: [[Using Zoom on Clear Touch display in your classroom How-to instructions]], [https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dKWIrh0xWctj7dE7Wu-vnppXTxIsisa0/view Instructional video]
* [[AirTame]], [[Zoom]], [[Google Meet]], [[Audio-Visual Help (Projectors and Sound)|Other AV help]]
=== [[Blackbaud SIS]]: ===
=== [[Blackbaud SIS]]: ===

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